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The BiggerPockets Media Network

2 million

Largest real estate investing community with +2 million members

#1 podcast

Top real estate investing podcast, with 110 million downloads since 2013

Top 20

Two of the top 20 Business podcasts


Engaged YouTube subscribers

“Our decision to partner with BiggerPockets was a no-brainer, and the results have met every expectation.”

– Jon Carden, CMO at Fundrise

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Massive media network

Chart-topping content across podcast, YouTube, blog and more.

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Highly engaged members

Over +7.5 million monthly engagements across our network.

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High intent investors

Aspiring and active real estate investors who plan to scale.

“BiggerPockets has been critical in our growth and maturity as a leader and trusted voice in the real estate community.”

– Chris Clothier, Partner at REI Nation

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